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Tell Halaf - Syria

Art and Exhibition Hall of the

Federal Republic of Gemany, Bonn

Fertigstellung: 2014

1899 Max von Oppenheim discovered at Tell Halaf an antique Aramaic palace with monumental sculptures and pictorial reliefs. They dated back to 10th or 9th century BC. Part of this collection came to Berlin and was destroyed during an air raid in World War II.

The great sculptures have been meticulously re-assembled in a 10-year research project of the Vorderasiatisches Museum. For an exhibition in the Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn the sculptures were scanned, missing pieces were virtually supplemented and fractures were three dimensionally retouched. At the end the virtual sculptures were combined with the virtual reconstructed architecture.

Architectura Virtualis developed for this project the storyboard, the 3D scenarios and did the editing of the film. Further it was responsible for the 3D scans and the reconstruction of the Aramaic palace.